A reservoir of resilience

In part three of our series on resilience, Chris Shambrook, our Performance Director and member of the GB Rowing Team’s support staff, shares some simple ideas about resilience built up over the last 4 Olympic Games. Working in elite sport for 20 years and having the chance to see high…
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Rethinking resilience with paralympians

In the second of our series on resilience, Katherine Bond, one of our Human Performance Experts and Consultant Performance Psychologist to ParalympicsGB, shares some thoughts on resilience from her 12 years of working with Paralympians. I’ve had the good fortune to work as a psychologist with Paralympic athletes since 2004.…
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Developing the power of resilience

Resilience seems to be a hot topic at the moment. When times are challenging and we’re facing many changing demands, the ability to withstand what is thrown at us and bounce back quickly from set backs is all-important. So we asked our athlete ambassador, Sophie Radcliffe, to explain what resilience…
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Key ingredients for building team confidence

In supporting some great people over the last 4 Olympic Games and building up to number five, team confidence is something I’ve spent a huge amount of time thinking about and helping out with. Growing confidence further, or repairing it when it’s broken, makes no difference – the challenge is…
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How well are your key relationships working for you?

With Valentines Day looming, it’s time to talk about love….Well, actually, it’s time to talk about key relationships and how important they are to performing to your full potential. So we asked Adrian O’Connor, senior lecturer in sport psychology at the University of Roehampton and an expert in coach-athlete relationships…
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Drive behaviour with compelling goals

A gauntlet has been laid down for Team GB athletes and staff. UK Sport – the funding agency for UK elite sport – has set the challenge of beating the London 2012 65 medal haul (their best ever). It would be the first time a host nation has won more…
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Do you push your limits?

We’re 186 days out from the Rio 2016 Olympics (as of 1st February!). It’s a critical time for athletes around the world preparing for the Games - what they do this winter will dictate their level of readiness to deliver medal winning performances at the Games. Working closely with TeamGB…
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Get inspiration from anywhere

How often could you do with an injection of inspiration? How often do you actually get some much needed inspiration right at the right time? An Inspiration Radar We’ve heard Chris Bartley, one of the members of the GB Rowing Team we support, talk about getting inspiration from anywhere and…
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Achieving more than you thought possible

Dom Boon is People Director for Virgin Media. As a customer we’ve worked with him on high performance principles and he’s done an extraordinary job in applying them to another area of his life – swimming. This blog tells the story of his serious accomplishment in 2016. Becoming one of…
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Obama cements his legacy

President Barack Obama last week gave his final State of the Union speech to Congress. An opportunity for the US president to lay out his vision for the future, Obama’s vision this time round was consolidation. Cue a great deal of criticism from press and opponents alike. It was described…
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