The athlete at work programme for graduates


Graduates everywhere are entering the big, wide world of work in unprecedented numbers in an uncertain environment, which represents a shared opportunity for both the talent and the marketplace.

So, whats the problem?

Next to retiring from work, probably one of the most dramatic transitions is entering the world of work.

The learning curve is steep…and getting steeper. The pressure to perform is high. Failure to launch is costly.

So, what are we doing for these starters to set them on the right track to perform?

Part of the Solution:

PlanetK2 passionately believe that providing them with a foundation of human performance thinking and process is a key ingredient to help them make a successful transition into work.

Having helped businesses all over the world perform better over the last 18 years, we at PlanetK2 have learned that a shift into a performance approach and mindset is extremely helpful for talented people to transition well into being active contributors and leaders on business teams.


Using all of our performance expertise and proven frameworks, PlanetK2, is wanting to make an impact in this space by helping graduates, interns, and new starters navigate that transition with a modified version of our signature Athlete at Work programme.

The programme for graduates is built upon the fundamentals of excellence that have delivered Olympic success and it’s been consistently refined to be fully relevant in the even more competitive world of business.


There will be 12 weekly live sessions hosted by a PlanetK2 human performance expert, followed by a learning challenge every week to help make the content practically applied and embedded to begin making immediate impact in the way they work.

This unique 12 week programme is fully online and supported by the powerful resources from our performance platform, The Performance Room.


Every Tuesday at 16h00 CAT from 14 September 2021 for 12 weeks in succession


That is the best part…

We are doing this as a for-good initiative. All that we ask organisations to do is to make a donation to our worthy beneficiary, Leap Science and Maths school.

LEAP was founded in 2004 and are committed to ensuring that young people have the necessary tools to become economically active citizens able to break the generational cycle of poverty.

Learn more about leap here:

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Graduates… You will. Be ready.