We often ask our clients what performance means, before we tell them how we define it. Typically performance gets confused with results and targets and measurement of end points. We often get people to think about performance from the point of view of a performance at the theatre, which people quickly see is a whole... Read more

Recalibrate your risks?

Risks you can afford to take - Risks you can not afford to take - Risks you can afford not to take - Risks you can not afford not to take...Four different kinds of risks... and do those risks look very different in the current climate? Risks that you could previously afford not to take... Read more

An experiment…

We'd like to invite you all to take part in an experiment - and of course let us know any results you might experience. We talk a lot about the importance of feedback and the fact that elite performers crave feedback and seek it out, rather than waiting for it to "happen" to them once... Read more

Snow Day

A colleague recently sent me this email which I thought I would share:=======================================Snow DayWell mother nature has given me a day off. Hooray!For those of you not currently in the U.K. and therefore not subjected to 24 hours of heavy snow and 24 hour rolling news about heavy snow. I am telling you there is... Read more

Do you run the numbers…

or do they run you? (a great line from Accenture... thanks for that!). Just been reading about Kevin Pietersen, the England cricketer, getting out for 97. He was out playing a typically KPish type shot. KP, please stay true to yourself and keep playing the way you play. Ignore the ill-informed, myopic commentators who believe... Read more

Will and Skill

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? What happens when an immense combination of WILL+SKILL meets and immense combination of SKILL+WILL? You end up with an epic tennis match, again.The lessons from yesterday's Australian tennis Open final could go on and on and the incredible displays of mental toughness pay testament to... Read more

Getting your tactics in Synch

We've just finished the 2 day kick off to the athlete at work® programme and really enjoyed some interesting conversations around performance in these testing times. One of the most interesting discussions was around the perceived pressure to get more done in less time. Wouldn't we all like that? So, when we talked about being... Read more

Do what I know…

It was interesting watching a clip of Cathy Freeman yesterday reflecting on her gold medal success at the Sydney Olympics, in front of 112,000 people, carrying the hopes of a nation and performing under a huge weight of expectation.In the midst of all of that hype, excitement, pressure, hope and expectation, as she warmed up,... Read more

Compete on Preparation…

It's clear to us that when the conditions are favourable, people get very used to being able to get away with minimal preparation - your natural talents, allied with the helpful environment, conspire to get you to where you want to be. The conditions lull you into a false sense of security about how much... Read more

Just for today…

If the kind of objective feedback that you're used to has gone awol, it can be pretty difficult to judge yourself in the way that you're used to. This is a bit like when the sports people we work with have to perform in very different weather conditions - the way they or the equipment... Read more