Critical day focus

So, just before the Olympics, we were chatting with some of the athletes about the opportunities still left to mentally sharpen up and get the most out of the remaining preparation days. We challenged them to answer the following: "If out of all of the days you've had to prepare for Beijing, you knew that... Read more

Are you on our mailing list…

... and would you like to be? Do you know anyone who you think would like the kind of stuff we write?We have a regular newsletter that comes out to our subscribers and is brief, punchy and performance focused. We also send around our thoughts from time to time in a more structure 1-sider of... Read more

Thinking like a coach

and we mean a coach like the athletes we work with. With such a coach, they would be observing your performances and preparation and giving you feedback both during and after your moments of engagement. They'd be reinforcing good stuff, pointing out things to check, highlighting problems to work on and generally being supportive. So...... Read more


We often ask our clients what performance means, before we tell them how we define it. Typically performance gets confused with results and targets and measurement of end points. We often get people to think about performance from the point of view of a performance at the theatre, which people quickly see is a whole... Read more

Recalibrate your risks?

Risks you can afford to take - Risks you can not afford to take - Risks you can afford not to take - Risks you can not afford not to take... Four different kinds of risks... and do those risks look very different in the current climate? Risks that you could previously afford not to... Read more

The feedback experiment

We'd like to invite you all to take part in a feedback experiment - and of course let us know any results you might experience. We talk a lot about the importance of feedback and the fact that elite performers crave feedback and seek it out, rather than waiting for it to "happen" to them... Read more

Snow Day

A colleague recently sent me this email which I thought I would share: ======================================= Snow Day Well mother nature has given me a day off. Hooray! For those of you not currently in the U.K. and therefore not subjected to 24 hours of heavy snow and 24 hour rolling news about heavy snow. I am... Read more

Do you run the numbers…

Do you run the numbers or do they run you? (a great line from Accenture... thanks for that!). Just been reading about Kevin Pietersen, the England cricketer, getting out for 97. He was out playing a typically KPish type shot. KP, please stay true to yourself and keep playing the way you play. Ignore the... Read more

Will and Skill

The lessons from yesterday's Australian tennis Open final could go on and on and the incredible displays of mental toughness pay testament to just what can be achieved psychologically when you have an immense talent base upon which to draw. For most mortals, tough situations are avoided and the desire to pitch oneself against the... Read more

Getting your tactics in synch

We've just finished the 2 day kick off to the athlete at work® programme and really enjoyed some interesting conversations around performance in these testing times. One of the most interesting discussions was around the perceived pressure to get more done in less time. Wouldn't we all like that? So, when we talked about being... Read more