Mental Toughness…

In some research we were involved in a few years ago, we found a couple of interesting things out about people who were voted as very mentally tough by folks who understood their world. First thing was that mentally tough people had confidence that didn't break down easily - it wasn't necessarily very, very high... Read more


Your 8 best or your best 8? Parallels nicely with our experience of helping to shape these mindsets, rather than simply observe them and comment on what is witnessed. Being focussed on "how do we need to be, as individuals and a crew?" is very different from simply observing "how are we?". Boat Race -... Read more

Pure focus

so, for April you can only be judged on one thing... your colleagues will shape their view of you based around this one thing... your managers and leaders will identify your value to the business based upon this same one thing... people outside of the business will make their judgements of you on just this... Read more

Be yourself…

If you do a great job of developing your confidence because you; 1. know your strengths 2. value those strengths 3. know how to exploit those strengths consistently, then it is very likely that you can keep asking a simple question of yourself in order to perform at your best "how confident am I that... Read more

Challenging conditions…

All of this blogging has been really useful for us. It's helped us work up a very focussed presentation that focusses on performing in challenging circumstances and the specific lessons that were learned in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. We've got some pretty simple and clear mindset messages that we think will really hit the... Read more

From shuffling to spirited running

I was out running today - well I say running, it's more a form of shuffling along where at certain points both feet are off the ground so it qualifies as running from a technical perspective...anyway, it was feeling tough and then I met someone I knew who was cycling along the same road and... Read more

the Athlete@Work Clinic

We're holding an Open Programme of the Athlete at Work in London on April 28th and 29th (location to be confirmed, but likely to be the Hoxton Hotel). If you'd like to come along, please contact to find out lots more about the programme. We've got a whole load of superb testimonials, that to... Read more

Changing new world

We were chatting with someone the other day about how they've been having the same, somewhat unhelpful, approaches to nutrition and hydration at work for the last 20 years. Interestingly, there was no other element of their performance that was anything like the same as it was 20 years ago; technical skills had been changed... Read more

What winning means

We're doing a lot of work with sales teams right now as they seek to thrive rather than just survive - and as you'd expect with sales teams, the concept of winning is coming up a lot. I think a lot about what winning means and when it's tough out there, when the attention is... Read more

Keeping it human

Microsoft Office is apparently a very good place to work indeed (if you use some criteria we like!). In their recent advert about ideas, or keeping it weird, the Microsoft advert states how they work on keeping it human and keeping it real, in the workplace. The advert goes on to say how, "you have... Read more