Negatively stressed? What’s your chosen response?

"It's subtle this performance coaching stuff, but it works. This time last year if circumstances had been the same I'd have been sh*!ing myself and unhealthily pessimistic. This year I'm still pessimistic, but understand that this pessimism is actually useful. If I use it appropriately, it helps me to perform better. Also, last year, I'd... Read more

Confidence is priceless – and expensive

Reading The Times this week, Ben Mcintyre reminded me of something that Miss McIntosh taught me in 1971. 2+2 = 4. The maths is true and is the same this year as it was last, but something has changed - what we have lost is not the ability to add up but something much more... Read more

Be Careful What You Wish For

My performance has, more than ever before, been at the forefront of my mind recently.I have just started a new role...same role though. When first approached about the job, I thought "Wow, what a great opportunity; a new challenge without the usual upheaval and culture refamiliarisation required with a move to a new organisation."I... Read more

Keeping your head…

...while all others around you are doing a good impression of something without a head, requires a lot of mental toughness. Like anything that's difficult, the more you prepare for the challenge, the more of a fighting chance of success you have when the key moments actually arrive. So, given that the playing field has... Read more

Confidence is everything…

We like Simon Barnes in the Times quite a lot. Bloody clever bloke and he's welcome on PlanetK2 any time he likes! His latest musings on the role of confidence in the current financial climate take a break from his usual expert stuff on sport and nature notes, but he's on the money again. He... Read more

Paralysed by goals…

Under pressure, we know that people's focus tends to narrow down onto just a few things and very often, this actually means missing out on some really important information that's in the world around you. We think we've noticed quite a lot of attentional narrowing onto those wonderful things called "goals" and it hasn't all... Read more

Planet earth is blue…

... but we don't think it's terminal!Wow, there's some interesting stuff going at the moment and it's inspired us to put fingers to keyboards in a bid to pass on our views of high performance, at a time when eeking out every ounce of performance potential has become even more mission critical than normal.We have... Read more