More done in less time…

We received the following feedback on planet K2 yesterday. Not only did it make us feel quite good about ourselves, but we also realised that there's quite a bit we can learn from these select words, particularly when it comes to filling the physical component of the performance pie..."My training continues – making the right... Read more

Total Performance

We talk a lot about pies on planet K2... Performance Pies. We know that if you're serious about performing, then you always ensure that every section of your Performance Pie is delivering you maximum value.Typically, people focus a lot on the Technical and Tactical elements of the work (just check out a typical c.v.), but... Read more

Why bother?

Viktor Frankl (author of the great book, Man's Search for Meaning) observed that "where there is a why, you can endure almost any how"... deep words... but very true.So, have a look around you. We're in pretty tough times, and the people who have a "why", either a personal why, team why or organisational why,... Read more

Valuing the difference you make to People?

I love the piece on Mental Toughness but mostly the thought about choosing to see your confidence as valuing the difference you can make to people. I have never chosen to think about my confidence in this way, I think I've always chosen to shy away from the view of being seen as confident and... Read more

In a simple choice…

In my last post I reflected on the change in context of my role and identity at work and how this impacted on my performance and emotions.I took a decision there and then to look at my situation differently and to choose to feel something else more useful.Of course, it is never really as simple... Read more

High Performance Leadership

You might be interested to read Lawrence Dallaglio's recent words in a great article in the Times.This paragraph jumped out for me as being majorly relevant to the current challenges..."We had great players in specialist areas and leadership was clearly an integral part of our success in 2003. We had Johnson, Vickery, Hill, Back, Greenwood... Read more

Mental Toughness…

In some research we were involved in a few years ago, we found a couple of interesting things out about people who were voted as very mentally tough by folks who understood their world. First thing was that mentally tough people had confidence that didn't break down easily - it wasn't necessarily very, very high... Read more

Consistency of performance in an inconsistent world

Looking for a previous article from HBR on resilience I came across the attached old favourite which seems as pertinent now as it did in Jan 2001 (when the market was bouyant).The Making of a Corporate Athlete Read more

Negatively stressed? What’s your chosen response?

"It's subtle this performance coaching stuff, but it works. This time last year if circumstances had been the same I'd have been sh*!ing myself and unhealthily pessimistic. This year I'm still pessimistic, but understand that this pessimism is actually useful. If I use it appropriately, it helps me to perform better. Also, last year, I'd... Read more

Confidence is priceless – and expensive

Reading The Times this week, Ben Mcintyre reminded me of something that Miss McIntosh taught me in 1971. 2+2 = 4. The maths is true and is the same this year as it was last, but something has changed - what we have lost is not the ability to add up but something much more... Read more