Paradoxes of Performing…

in pressure situations.Often the success of delivering when facing challenging conditions can be influence greatly by being able to hold two paradoxical beliefs at the same time.For example, in Good to Great, Jim Collins introduces the Stockdale Paradox, in which he outlines the importance of being able to "confront the brutal reality of the situation... Read more

Darren Bent and the World Economy…

We thought you might like to read this piece by Alan Hansen on the BBC Website about the remarkable transformation in the football player Darren Bent. It struck us that if only Harry Redknapp could be let loose on the world economy, he might have a similar impact on global confidence levels. Hansen's bottom line... Read more

Short feedback loops

I've re-learned something really important this week - that giving and receiving quality performance focused feedback and then taking responsibility for doing something about it is vital for my performance. And to enable that to happen a few things are required: I have to be open to feedback - to want to know anything that... Read more

Competitive Learning…

Something we work on a lot in the world of high performance sport revolves around the concept of "competitive learning". If we can learn quicker, more effectively and produce performance refinements quicker than the opposition (between races or matches, or within a tournament), then we know we're gaining a competitive advantage when we're not head... Read more

Performance Intelligence…

So, how Performance Intelligent are you?We've got a simple formula that you can begin to think through that will help you begin to work out what your PI score is.There's four questions to ask yourself:How well do I know the world that I have to perform in?How well do I know my own performance ingredients... Read more

Talking to yourself

I don’t know about anyone else but I really have to dig deep at the moment to keep everything going and that includes me. I am reminding myself of the importance of looking after me so I can look after the team. I was starting to spiral into that place I can go where I... Read more

Fit to Perform?

It's pretty clear that the coming months are going to explore the endurance of business leaders, both physically and mentally. Endurance will give you the capacity to persevere with demanding work for long periods of time; enable you to make good decisions when physically and mentally tired; and find those additional reserves of energy if... Read more

More done in less time…

We received the following feedback on planet K2 yesterday. Not only did it make us feel quite good about ourselves, but we also realised that there's quite a bit we can learn from these select words, particularly when it comes to filling the physical component of the performance pie..."My training continues – making the right... Read more

Total Performance

We talk a lot about pies on planet K2... Performance Pies. We know that if you're serious about performing, then you always ensure that every section of your Performance Pie is delivering you maximum value.Typically, people focus a lot on the Technical and Tactical elements of the work (just check out a typical c.v.), but... Read more

Why bother?

Viktor Frankl (author of the great book, Man's Search for Meaning) observed that "where there is a why, you can endure almost any how"... deep words... but very true.So, have a look around you. We're in pretty tough times, and the people who have a "why", either a personal why, team why or organisational why,... Read more