Dealing with Change

In this week’s blog, Sophie Radcliffe, a K2 ambassador, athlete and adventurer shared her thoughts on change. We think we aren’t great at dealing with change and we don’t welcome it in our lives. Yet, not dissimilar to the eruption of a volcano, the initial mess can cause frantic behaviour and be hard to deal... Read more

Impossible or I’m Possible?

Gareth Jones is a PlanetK2 Hall of Famer. Not only is he a highly experienced business leader (he was CEO of Dunn and Bradstreet in Australia and New Zealand), but he’s a great example of someone who not just understands and talks about performance, but who lives and breathes high performance in what he does... Read more

Unconscious competence – the biggest risk of all

If you can do something without thinking about it, congratulations but watch out. It’s the riskiest place of all. It’s great – because you can do it without much thought, but boy, be ready for a fall. Think learning to drive or learning to ski, when’s the greatest risk, of crashing or falling? Practise relentlessly... Read more

A High Performance Diet

We’re always scanning what’s going on in the world to see how we can connect it to simple, high performance thinking, and when Jim spotted some stuff about a new approach to food labelling, it got us thinking. Food producer Mars announced last week plans to label some of their products with the tags of... Read more

Ready for Rio? An athletic perspective

The Rio Games are fast approaching, and given our heritage in elite sport and continued involvement in preparing athletes for Olympic and Paralympic Games, we thought you’d be interested to hear directly from some of the athletes we work with. In this blog, Emma Wiggs, a GB Paralympic Sprint Kayaker and 4 times world champion... Read more

Resilience and Bouncing Back

In the final part of our series on resilience, Andrea Furst, one of our Human Performance Experts and Senior Sport Psychologist to GB Women’s Hockey, shares some reflections on resilience and bouncing back from her involvement in the selection process of the past four Olympic Games. Elite sport is one of the most pressurised and... Read more

Feedback from a Leadership Session with PlanetK2

We know that many of you are curious about how different businesses are integrating performance principles into their culture and day-to-day behaviours. We asked Andy Ford, a Senior Programme Manager for one of our major customers to share how his team is using some core performance principles to ensure they’re ready to lead the business... Read more

Applying for your job every single day

While some Olympic athletes have their places secure others are going through trials. Actually they’ve been on trial for a long time. Just about every day. Imagine coping with the pressure of being on trial every day doing your job. Every day. How would that pressure be? Loving the pressure Pressure is all around and... Read more

A reservoir of resilience

In part three of our series on resilience, Chris Shambrook, our Performance Director and member of the GB Rowing Team’s support staff, shares some simple ideas about resilience built up over the last 4 Olympic Games. Working in elite sport for 20 years and having the chance to see high performance through the eyes of... Read more

Rethinking resilience with paralympians

In the second of our series on resilience, Katherine Bond, one of our Human Performance Experts and Consultant Performance Psychologist to ParalympicsGB, shares some thoughts on resilience from her 12 years of working with Paralympians. I’ve had the good fortune to work as a psychologist with Paralympic athletes since 2004. Rio will be my 4th... Read more