29% More please!

Good news last week for Olympic sport with the announcement that there’d be a 29% increase in funding to UK Sport over the next Olympic cycle. The funding won’t make a material difference to the final 245 days left in the build-up to the Rio Olympics, but it will be important for sustaining the level... Read more

Race The World – Reflections from the coalface

Race The World is a coast to coast cycling race from LA to Miami. Starting on 1st November 2015, two teams covered thousands of kilometres over 14 days and travelling through seven states. A journey unfolded which lay witness to the transformation of sixteen individuals into close-knit, high performing teams. We asked Sophie Radcliffe, one... Read more

Hunting for performance improvement

As humans, we’ve long been learning from nature. After all, we’re part of it - and in modern times, some of our best inventions have come from learning how things work in nature. Velcro, for example, was inspired from sticky burrs. The latest BBC, David Attenborough wildlife programme The Hunt, is a wonderful and compelling... Read more

When no-one is watching you…

John Wooden, the famous - and most successful ever – basketball coach once said: “the true test of a person’s character is what they do when no one is watching.” Having been watching the England Cricket team play their latest test series in front of very small crowds in the UAE, we started thinking about... Read more

Team success? Get on the same page!

Most businesses and endeavours need high performing teams but very few are serious about making that happen. Businesses often talk about team building more than team performance. And team building is often about raft building or getting drunk together, which is most useful if you’re stranded on a desert island with a cargo of beer.... Read more

Attitude and spirit – the pillars of performance

The world is full of people doing extraordinary things. And there’s something that fascinates us about people who are taking on seemingly impossible challenges, pushing themselves to the limit or making brave life choices. We’re envious, we’re inspired or we’re simply transported to a different place in our imagination. And many of us, at one... Read more

Road to Rio III

So, in the third of our Road to Rio series, we’re talking about the importance of using and ignoring goals when you’re in the thick of performance. We write a lot about goals and the way they’re used and abused in different environments. This article though is focused fully on the reality of the role... Read more

Pacing for winter

If you're returning to work after a summer break and see only a hard slog through long days and dark nights to Christmas, when you collapse and fall ill, before another long slog through January to Easter, then is that thinking helping? Perhaps instead you should think like an athlete at work? Plan for what's... Read more

Are you ready for Rio?

In just under a year’s time, our finest sports men and women will be entering the cauldron of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. For most of them, this will be the biggest challenge of their careers, if not their lives. Many of them will be competing at their first Games. For some, it... Read more

In case you weren’t aware

In case you weren’t aware, on Saturday England regained cricket’s Ashes from the old enemy Australia. A widely held view is that they exploited one important element much better that their opposition. The Ashes competition alternates between being played in Australia and England and this summer it is England’s turn to host. The two countries... Read more